Kitchen Hacks to Make Cooking Easier
Cooking can be a daunting task for many, but it doesn't have to be. With the right tips and tricks, anyone can turn their kitchen into an enjoyable place to create delicious meals.

Whether you're just starting or are already a seasoned home cook, these six kitchen tips will help make your cooking experience easier and more enjoyable.

1. Your Leftovers can be Repurposed

Don't let your leftovers go to waste! You can easily repurpose them into a new dish or snack.

From transforming last night's chicken into a hearty soup to turning yesterday's French fries into a tasty frittata, there are endless ways to use up those leftovers and make something delicious. Find creative ways to use them up and you'll be able to get two meals out of one.

2. Don't Go for Cheaper Kitchen Appliances and Tools
Kitchen Hacks to Make Cooking Easier

It can be tempting to go for cheaper options when it comes to kitchen equipment. However, investing in quality tools and appliances will help make cooking easier and more enjoyable.

Quality knives are essential for any great chef, as well as a quality blender or food processor for making smoothies or sauces.

Investing in the right appliances will save you money in the long run, as they tend to last much longer than their cheaper counterparts. Plus, quality kitchen tools and appliances can make cooking easier and more enjoyable.

3. Freeze the Onions for 15 Minutes to Prevent Tears

How many times have you been chopping onions and had your eyes water up? It's not only annoying, but it can be dangerous if you're trying to chop at a rapid pace.

To prevent this from happening, simply put the onion in the freezer for 15 minutes before slicing it. This will help reduce the amount of tear-inducing compounds released when cutting the onion.

4. Salt Your Water to Prepare Perfect Boiled Eggs
Kitchen Hacks to Make Cooking Easier

Boiled eggs can go into many recipes, but if you're trying to prepare them for a salad or snack it can be difficult getting the perfect texture.

To get the perfect boiled egg every time, simply add a few pinches of salt to your boiling water before adding the eggs. This will help create an even cooking environment and prevent the whites from becoming too rubbery.

5. Separating Egg Yolks Has Never Been Easier

Separating egg yolks from the whites can be a challenge, especially if you're new to cooking. Luckily, there's an easy solution - just use an empty plastic water bottle!

Simply crack your eggs into a bowl and then squeeze the empty water bottle over the whites. The suction of the bottle will pull out the yolks without any extra mess.

6. Use a Spoon to Peel a Kiwi

Kitchen Hacks to Make Cooking Easier
Kiwis are very tricky to peel - one mistake and you could end up with a mushy mess. To make peeling kiwis easier, use a spoon!

Simply slide the spoon between the skin and flesh of the kiwi until it's completely separated. Then, you can easily scoop out the delicious insides of the fruit without making a huge mess.

Make sure not to rush through this - a slow and steady hand will help make peeling kiwis easier and more enjoyable.


Cooking is a fun and rewarding activity, but it can be intimidating if you're just starting. With these six kitchen tips, you can make the cooking process easier and more enjoyable. All you have to do is to be creative and persistent. With a bit of practice, you can be an expert chef in no time. Happy cooking!